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Here's some interesting info...

  • Over 80% of enterprise Business Operations leaders say data integration is critical to ongoing operations.
  • 67% of enterprises are relying on data integration to support analytics and BI platforms today, and 24% are planning to in the next 12 months.
  • 65% of organizations prefer to deploy data integration solutions from cloud platforms or hybrid cloud.
  • poor integration across applications is seen as the second main barrier to the effective application of technology, with cumulatively 45% of respondents ranking this factor as one of their top three issues.

What others have said:

"Working with Stephen on several different projects showed me not only his time management skills and his ability to deliver within agreed upon deadlines, but also his ability to learn and adapt quickly. He is always a resource that I can count on and working with him has been a pleasure. His work is always top notch."

- Carolyn Stork - Digital Project Manager

"Stephen is the most brilliant mentor I've had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge covers a wide array of topics and goes much deeper than I could've imagined. He taught me so much during my time on his team, and some important life lessons. He's inspired me to work hard and to be a better developer and leader every day!"

- Adam Alicki - Senior Fullstack Engineer

"Stephen's ability to lead brought me success beyond what I thought was possible. I recommend Stephen when ever possible - I trust him and his talents and abilities."

- John O'Keefe - Digital Media

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