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Cloud software teams see a 5X increase in lifetime customer value and a 64% increase in productivity while reducing operational costs more than 74% using the Integration Confidence system.

Make Smarter Software Integration Decisions

Download my personal integration template that I use to design, plan & budget all my integration solutions. I use this template universally on any type of integration. It works for cloud services, payment processors, data services, custom integrations, supply chain and anything else.

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I help frustrated technology product leaders disrupt industries through integrations that deliver confidence in security, performance & results. Build integrations with 99.99% uptime, 1 million transactions / second & real-time notifications that provides satisfaction for all business users, customers & stakeholders.


Integrations that Inspire Confidence

I connect complicated software systems together. Officially, you can call me an "Integration Architect"... but that isn't very descriptive. What I really do is design, plan & lead integration projects that require working with many different pieces. I enjoy making complex things work together.

Here's some interesting info

  • Over 80% of enterprise Business Operations leaders say data integration is critical to ongoing operations.
  • 67% of enterprises are relying on data integration to support analytics and BI platforms today, and 24% are planning to in the next 12 months.
  • 65% of organizations prefer to deploy data integration solutions from cloud platforms or hybrid cloud.
  • poor integration across applications is seen as the second main barrier to the effective application of technology, with cumulatively 45% of respondents ranking this factor as one of their top three issues.

Industry Solutions

Food & Ag Tech

Food & agtech is a passion of mine growing up in a family of farming. I love tech that connects the supply chain from the farm, to the brand, retailer, restaurant and all the way to the consumer.

Healthcare Tech

Healthcare Tech is a unique beast when it comes to integrations. Data privacy, security & interoperability is no joke. These types of complex integrations is where I love to live.


I've been able to work on some really amazing projects in mortgage, investment, crypto, banking & ecommerce while living in a large financial hub. These projects are enjoyable and require significant testing & attention to detail.

Martech & Adtech

Analytics, data, market automation, emails, CMS, advertising, what else? This space is massive and requires a very well orchestrated integration system. Be smart on how to make it fit.

Stop worrying about integrations and feel confident in your software.

Step 1: Get Integration Clarity

Download My Free Integration Architecture & Budgeting Template
Start working on your integration requirements & get a jumpstart on your design, budget & plan. Download this free template & get started today.

  • Establish the business requirements.
  • Discover your available options.
  • Determine the budget & timeline.
  • Prepare for next steps.