Our lives shouldn’t be centered around the apps we use. The best applications should save us time to spend doing what we love.

I build platforms to transform how we interact with the world.


The Top 3 Personal Habits I Use to Craft My Creative Success

The Top 3 Personal Habits I Use to Craft My Creative Success

stephen@thatmiracle.comApril 11, 20218 min read

Successful people don’t focus on accomplishing goals. They focus on establishing systems where the byproduct are goals getting done. I’ve heard this truth time and again. I believe it. It…

Why Successful Startups Focus on Serving Not Exciting Customers

stephen@thatmiracle.comApril 5, 20218 min read

How many failed apps are in your phone’s app store? How many ghost town websites are on the Internet? You may guess hundreds of thousands and still be way off.…

2 Types of Software Engineers Successful Product Teams Need

2 Types of Software Engineers Successful Product Teams Need

stephen@thatmiracle.comMarch 16, 202110 min read

What do you picture when you think of a software developer? Ok. Outside of the Star Wars, video game loving geek stereotype programming at midnight in the dark. That’s a…

Investment Lifestyle

Time and money is our currency. I spend both only in opportunities that will bring the most lasting value for the legacy I want to leave.

Community Mindset

We don’t live in a bubble. I believe in community over competition. Investing in community provides the greatest return for your direction.

Focus on the Important

In ten years, does the task you’re doing today matter? Drop the noise and remove the distractions. Spend time to figure out what’s important.

I Architect Cloud Solutions that transform industries


I am Stephen Miracle. I build applications, platforms and product that gets results. I use this space to post projects, share thoughts on life and connect with others.

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